U.S. Technical’s in-house manufacturing facility is capable of manufacturing a wide range of engineered products and kits.

Range of Services

Our kitting solutions streamline and simplify the assembly or installation process by pre-packaging and labeling part components and easy-to-read instructions in a convenient, portable kit to eliminate lost parts and reduce installation time.

Our manufacturing facility has been audited by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and is a Production Approval Holder (PAH) that has been issued a Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA). As a PMA holder, U.S. Technical is approved to manufacture FAA PMA parts, assemblies and customized kits.


Integration Parts Kitting

U.S. Technical can design, manufacture, test wire cables, harnesses and parts specific to the integration parts kit.

Parts assembled and manufactured by U.S. Technical undergo the strict FAA PMA quality assurance process. We package and ship the kits directly to the installation site or your facility.

We have experience with integration parts kits for the following programs:

– HUD, GPS & ACARS Installations
– Sliding Carpet System Installation
– Complete Interior Refurbishment
– Galley and Floor Panel Installation
– In-flight Entertainment Systems
– In-flight Phone Systems
– Cockpit USB Power Solutions
– Wire Harnesses and Cable Assemblies
– Sheet metal assemblies (doublers, brackets, adapter plates, provisions, etc.)
– Commercial hardware
– Installation Kits (IFE, ADS-B, etc.)
– FAA PMA Kits


Project Management

– First Article Inspections (FAI)
– AS9102
– Procurement
– Inventory Management
– Logistics


FAA Part Manufacturing Approval (PMA)

U.S. Technical is an FAA Part Manufacturing Approval (PMA) house, which includes the ability to issue authorized release documents and control preposition articles.

As a PMA holder, U.S. Technical is approved to design, manufacture and sell FAA PMA parts, assemblies and customized kits for FAA aircraft modification and replacement projects.

U.S. Technical ensures that the products’ materials and manufacturing processes follow FAA regulations and the product can be installed on an FAA-certified aircraft.


Combined with our program management, certification, technical publications, field team installations and integration parts kits, we provide our customer with a complete turn-key integration service.