Lease Centric is a program designed to support the lease holder of aircrafts.

Our ROI proven program spans the duration of the lease and will ensure the aircraft is ready for delivery once the lease concludes. US Technical has the in-house staff to handle marketing support (modification cost analysis, budgets and risk analysis), project management, aircraft transfer support, material/purchasing support and aircraft regulatory review. Bottom line, we will ensure your multi-million-dollar asset stays in the air, adhering to standards and contract agreements and is transferred with minimal hassle or regulatory interference.

Range of Services

We provide a turnkey modification service to ensure engineering, parts, and certification is delivered to comply with lease commitments.


Aircraft Transfer Support

Provide services to support aircraft transfers by ensuring aircraft compliance to regulatory return and delivery conditions.
– Review Aircraft Modifications, repair records and their certification bases
– Obtain importing authority validation of existing major modifications or repairs
– Locate and purchase engineering documents not available by returning lessee
– Provide alternate solutions to parts shortages
– Support on-site Lessors representative. Provide support by assisting with maintenance return check, data requirements, avionic review, engineering drawings, etc.
– Assessment and acceptance of non OEM proposed repairs
– FAA, EASA, CAAC, TCCA, DGAC- DOA, CAMO & ODA coordination
– Continuous review and assessment of upcoming regulatory requirements and bilateral agreements (US , EU, Asia, South America, Canada)


Material Purchasing Support

– Purchase/coordinate parts/kits
– Provide part definition
– Assist MRO purchasing department
– Assist with locating alternate parts


Marketing Support

– Develop cost and lead time analysis for proposed modifications, and study LOPAs
– Provide viable and cost effective engineering/modification solutions
– Provide cost and risk assessment of aircraft transitions due to regulatory importation requirements
– Aircraft configuration review to determine commonalty to lessee current fleet
– Assist Customer with definition of interior and avionics configuration
– Project (Modification) Management